• GeorgeMcCully

    Excellent article, Michael. Shocking but supported by evidence and reason every step of the way.

  • JJAudubon

    A reasonable and sympathetic article — but let’s be clear: these are STOLEN emails probably hacked by Russian sources — and Mr. Wyland — and much of the rest of the news media — is more than happy to ignore this fact and mine the emails for whatever real value or selfish political gain they may obtain. Weyland’s extensive resume does not include a course in journalistic ethics — which admittedly may be an oxymoron. Absolutely NO ONE has confirmed the veracity of these emails. When congressional offices (like Wyland used to work for) start getting hacked and congressmen start getting embarrassed and then defeated as a result, I expect we will see some legislation about this issue. And let’s not hide behind the 1st Amendment either. If I steal your emails, do I get carte blanche? As it stands now, apparently so.