• R Wade

    Carrie, This is the first article that I remember reading authored by you. VERY well done! Well organized, poignant, fact based, and opinionated based on elements presented. I hope this is on your follow-up list, in fact my hope is that you will do some investigative reporting of the proposed board members. A FOIA request for backup documents related to the 990 would be very interesting.

    My interest is derived from mixed emotions; NPO management and the fact that in my youth of 65 years ago I had a companion, “Babe” a brown gelding that was several hands taller that I was. A move to town and other circumstances required that we part as pals. My father found a facility similar to the one described and “Babe” went to spend time there, not because of abandonment or neglect but because it was a caring facility catering to the needs of the animals in their custody. BTW “Babe” found another young person to become pals with shortly thereafter.

    Respectfully Submitted

    Ronald L. Wade