• staceylh2

    Hmmm. Just not sure how the author can claim America can be proud of its traditions…which ones? Jim Crow? Termination? Economic inequality? Election of a president who did not win a vote of the people?

  • Terri

    did you all count the estimated 3 million illegals voting?? Trump won by a landslide if you took them out.

  • bigzeno

    What would it take to amend the US Constitution so in 4 years We could vote not the Electoral College

    • Derek

      The College is not the problem. It’s states being winter takes all. Instead of divided up by districts that are divided up by populations. Than add ID required to vote with a receipt paper trail to prove you vote was counted correctly.

      We want to All elections to be fair, not just change one instance that some don’t like..

      However if you really wanted a FAIR election. You would be more upset at the 4 largest media companies in the planet working directly with a Candidate breaking a great number of laws and ethics in the process..