• Richmond Rabinowitz

    Could you explain the section of the constitution that allows for the removal of a President for mental health, other inability to serve issues? How does that work?

  • Ah yes, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. In the few times it has been invoked since it was ratified in 1967, it was done voluntarily and temporarily by a president undergoing surgery. Section 4 allows for the vice president and a majority of the cabinet to declare the president unfit. If the president objects and insists s/he is fit, the VP and at least half the cabinet has to issue another declaration within four days. If they do, Congress has to take a vote within 48 hours. A 2/3 vote of both the House and Senate is required to uphold the declaration of the vice president and at least half the cabinet and make the vice president the acting president. Section 4 is very ugly stuff – automatic constitutional crisis time.

  • Kathleen McCarthy

    Impeachment, are you kidding? President Trump is the first President that we have had in this Country for years. President Trump is attempting to bring back jobs and make this Country great again.

    • EylerEye

      You’ve got to be kidding. You have to be closing your eyes, ears and mind to think Trump is even sane at this point. I voted for him as well – regretfully at this point. We’d all have to be deny reality to think he’s doing even a decent job. He’s proving awful more and more every single day, and has made us the laughing stock of the world.

      • Wow I’ve got a lot of respect for you. You’re the first and only Trump voter I’ve come across that is actually able to swallow your pride and admit your mistake. Respect

    • MRme50

      And what reality are you seeing. Forget it lady the only thing Trump is doing is tearing apart the country. And after that rally he made things a lot worst. Hopefully the rest of the Republicans wake up and decide that this clown must go.

  • Dennis Lewis

    Impeach Trump? Why not? He is a business man with NO military or Government experience. He is a joke.He has never held a political office either. Let him and his billionaire friends run something else, not this country!!

    • John Thau

      Really? Who was your other choice? Proven incompetents like Hillary, except for some governors?

      • EylerEye

        Yes, Hillary was FAR more competent than Trump. But then, pretty much a person off the street is more competent than Trump, so…

  • Butch Penton

    This is an outstanding description of process, though it wasn’t clear enough re: ‘grounds’ which means that weaker minds will presume that 45 is even under investigation specifically [grand jury requested earlier today is SOP] or even that a crime or treasonous act has been committed. Remember Flynn? The subpoena today was specifically to procure WH records for fired and disgraced Michael Flynn.

    • I appreciate the comment. I tried to state in the article that grounds for impeachment are a political question, not a legal question. Whatever a majority of the House of Representatives can agree upon (vote to approve) as grounds for impeachment are sufficient to impeach a federal official.

      It’s then up to the Senate to vote on whether the grounds are sufficient and whether the House has made a strong enough case for conviction and removal from office.

  • Steve

    And you got most of that from a biased polling system and your progressive friends. Go eat some more biscuits.

    • Christopher Doxtator

      What article were you reading? Most of this article is what if scenario’s and a brief history of those that did face impeachment. Feel like you just read the first 10 lines and you assumed you knew the rest of the context of what was written then you jumped right to the comment section to see if you could piss off any Left supporter’s.

  • EdDemian

    President Reagan used to fall asleep during certain meetings. The impeachment idea is a non starter, a loosing proposition, out there with the “flat earth theory”.

  • perryswoman1947

    I would like to know if this poll was done just on the demorats??? I as a Deplorable for sure don’t want to see President Trump impeached!!!! Really what has President Trump done except without the help of those so called Rinos try to MAGA??

    • The poll was conducted for USA Today by iMediaEthics. A hyperlink to the poll article is included in my article’s first sentence. The USA Today article includes a link to the poll’s detailed results and survey methodology. The respondent breakdown by political affiliation is: 12%
      Strong Republican


      Indy Leans Republican


      Indy Leans Democratic


      Strong Democrat

  • Ronald U

    What “treason, bribery or high crimes” are being touted? NONE! So get rid of him? Yes, it’s by an election.

    Now if the Democrats ran a non-criminal the votes might have a choice.

    By running Hillary the Democrats showed their real agenda. CORRUPTION.

  • Randy Beckham

    Trump is a greatest president we have had in years i will be voting for him again .so take your inpeachment and 😠

  • jo dia

    Look a lot of people want to point a finger at trump ( he did not put us in a laughing stock category ) you need to thank the last couple of presidents for that then you all want to blame trump for the ignorant shit that goes on ? He wants to clean up the garbage which I don’t blame him .We as Americans have lost our rights to illegals and legal immagants …wake up people …the American people ( that means white black yellow green purple ) that have worked and struggled their whole lives and PAID taxes. Should be fighting for their country and Christianity ..but here you are fighting for every foreigner possible to come here for a free ride while we brake our backs and fight amongst each other and worry how we are going to survive and pay our taxes!!!! Do you honestly think we could go to another country and get that same free ride ? Absolutely not ..this is why they have less troubles then we do. It is ridiculous that my children and grandchildren have to grow up in a society of grown ass adults crying worse then children do..so yes I say (Go trump go) clean this shit up no one else had the gonads to do it cause they were afraid of upsetting peoples pride.(SOMETIMES YOUR PRIDE HAS TO BE SET ASIDE) and a add in at least trump says what he has to say then sneaking behind the scene and don’t tell you anything