• Third Sector Radio USA

    Therein lies the fundamental philosophical difference between the extreme far-rightists who have usurped the federal government and more progressive people. The far right is Hobbesian and thinks of humans as naturally base, needing heroic leaders and hierarchies to govern. Progressives lean closer to systems thinking, cooperation, and participatory democracy. While it is critical that we struggle tactically for social justice, we are better served to do so keeping the long-term shift in philosophy in mind for the sake of our species’ survival.

  • Dave

    Could not disagree more with the explanation below comparing “extreme far-rightists” – whatever they are, to “Progressives” (is that a far-left Progressive or just a run of the mill progressive?) and again whatever that is exactly. Love the jump to time worn tag lines that truly say little about who they are tying to explain, which is the exactly the intent of the commenter.