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Are you a true believer?

I give a lot of money to charitable organizations. After all, I serve the nonprofit sector. How can I not invest my money where my mouth is?

I give a lot of money every year. But I don’t give a lot of money to a lot of organizations.

How about you? Do you give to your favorite charities?

Just recently, I sent $1,000 to the Nonprofit Quarterly. For me, that’s a pretty big gift.

Why? After all, I’ve been a subscriber forever. Why bother to give a big gift, too?

I give because I know that subscription fees don’t cover all the expenses at NPQ.

I give because this is my kind of magazine. Not just tips and quick comments. Instead, NPQ explores and explains why. NPQ raises cage-rattling questions. NPQ makes me think.

How about you? Do you get all that from NPQ?

I give because I want to make sure that NPQ is always here… challenging me and challenging you. Questioning governance and questioning government. Questioning public policy. Challenging fundraising. Stimulating conversation.

How about you? Do you get all that from NPQ?

I want everyone to read NPQ. I expect bosses and fundraisers to read NPQ. I expect bosses and fundraisers to share articles with board members.

I want NPQ’s quarterly print publication. I want the daily Internet feed. And I actually expect to pay for that. But since NPQ offers it for free, I’ll give a gift.

I’ll give a gift because it’s for sure that subscription fees don’t pay the total cost of a quality publication like NPQ.

I’ll invest in NPQ because it’s investing in the nonprofit sector.

 I’ll give a gift because I want NPQ to stick around.

How about you? Without investment – a charitable gift – from people like you and me, NPQ won’t be here.

You and I are the true believers. Step up to the plate. Give. Now.



Simone P. Joyaux,

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