Architecture for Humanity / Noah Jeppson

September 7, 2015; ArchDaily

Last February, NPQ wrote about the closing of Architecture for Humanity under the headline, “A Beautifully Crafted Goodbye from a Bankrupt Nonprofit.” In that newswire, we reprinted a letter from the two founders who said that while the organization was filing for bankruptcy, its chapters would, as a network, carry forward. They wrote:

While we are saddened by the organization’s closure, the mission of Architecture for Humanity is far from ending. Our affiliated international network of designers and allied professionals has resolved to carry on their work at the local level. Over 30 volunteer chapters on five continents, now self-governed, have recommitted to the mission and are emphatically and collectively forging a new path forward. We are overwhelmed by this response, and could not be more proud of those who volunteer their time and expertise to bring design services to where they are most needed within their local communities.

Now, that 57-chapter global network devoted to humanitarian design and comprising more than 20,000 volunteers is looking to rebrand, and it is asking the public to help them fix on a new name. This follows and aligns with the spirit of their transition “from a group of chapters to a collectively mobilized and collaboratively led network,” which will feature an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration.

AFH has created a video survey to capture your thoughts about the mission, values, and goals of the organization. The survey’s deadline is today, September 8th, at midnight. Learn more about the campaign here.—Ruth McCambridge