January 7, 2013; Source: Politico

A core tenet of the nonprofit sector is initiative: the willingness of people to stand up and advocate for unpopular positions. Some positions are simply obnoxious, wouldn’t you say? As NPQ has noted in regards to efforts aimed at gun control and secession from the U.S., the White House has a website on which citizens can start petitions on any number of topics. Petitions that get 25,000 or more signatures of support generate a response from the White House.

Recently, radio talk show host Alex Jones initiated a petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan because of his advocacy of gun control. His petition garnered 100,000 signatures, which will trigger a White House response of some sort. Piers Morgan responded by inviting Alex Jones onto his show. You must see the footage of Jones screaming at Morgan, split into two segments below:

The fact that Jones possesses guns is a walking, talking, live-action advertisement for gun control. Jones bellowed, talked over and through Morgan, and mocked him at times with a fake British accent. Jones described Mo