Have we in the nonprofit sector—those who care about injustice and inequality—been fiddling while Rome burns? Have we been messing around on the unraveling outskirts of things as the economy becomes more and more skewed? Not exactly, but there is much more that we can do and be in this sector if we break out of some of our self-imposed mental bonds.

In NPQ’s new spring edition, “Hybrids, Hybridity, and Hype,” we take on the notion of hybrid organizations—the groups that are experimenting with mixes of institutional logics—some for-profit/nonprofit, some government/nonprofit, and some that integrate entirely new thinking about purpose and method.

This is an edition that nobody should miss, because what we have tried to do is distinguish between hybrids that are simply remixes of tired old thinking, albeit surrounded by hype, and hybridity that takes on a newly emerging world in a new way.

To introduce the edition to you, today we are featuring, “All Enterprise Is Social,” by Buzz Schmidt, the founder of GuideStar. The article discusses the need to measure in a more participatory and public way the impacts—negative and positive—of all institutions in society. Other articles in the edition take on the specifics of L3Cs, GSEs, and the hybrids born into a digital reality that has profoundly affected their interaction with the world. Some of these last have become enormously influential within a very short period of time.

Our fondest hope is that at some point we may stop just writing about how four hedge fund managers made more than all of the 156,000-plus kindergarten teachers in the sector last year, and begin recalibrating the world such that these sorts of realities are no longer possible.

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