February 3, 2012; Source: The Guardian | Anonymous, a loosely formed group of individual activists who work under cover of anonymity, has been busy again. On Friday, the group hacked, recorded and then placed online a 15-minute call between the FBI and Scotland Yard about a cybercrime investigation. Apparently, Anonymous hackers knew about the call in advance after intercepting an e-mail that set up the meeting. The call, which The Guardian reports was likely intercepted on the U.S. end, was posted to YouTube, as you can see here:

This comes after Anonymous’ recent opposition to the SOPA and PIPA legislation, which was met with the hacking and forced shutdown of a number of government and entertainment industry websites. NPQ has been watching Anonymous for some time now. Because they are loose and not driven by any central entity, Anonymous is a somewhat confounding—though potentially hugely powerful—presence in our midst. –Ruth McCambridge