January 26, 2012; Source: Truthout | In a video posted on Truthout, an independent nonprofit news site, Bill Moyers does a nice job of talking about how ordinary individuals can get involved in overturning the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision, which paved the way for unlimited campaign spending by corporations, unions and qualified nonprofit corporations. We note it here for two reasons:

Moyers does a nice job of challenging people to see themselves as potentially effective political operatives, noting, “First, take yourself seriously as an agent of change. The Office of Citizen remains the most important in the country.” In addition, Moyers readies these change agents for the skepticism they may face, saying, “Don’t worry if you’re called naíve. Don’t worry about cynics who mock you or fatalists who declare that a constitutional amendment is impossible. That’s nonsense. We’ve amended the Constitution 27 times in our history. Back in 1971, the amendment to lower the voting age to 18 was the quickest to be ratified in U.S history, four months following its passage by Congress. And after 13 years without a drink, in 1933, Americans okayed the amendment to repeal prohibition faster than a saloon’s swinging door.”

What’s more, Moyers clearly explains the process for getting involved. “So look around for organizations you can join or contact for information,” he says. “There’s a national coalition already at work named Move to Amend…and a group leading the fight called FreeSpeechforPeople.org. And see you here next time.”

Moyers’ calm presentation of people’s potential to make change is bolstered by his credibility as a thoughtful journalist and documentarian of our times. It is one of many videos you can access at BillMoyers.com. –Ruth McCambridge