September 4, 2012; Source: Daily Record

As a part of an initiative for breast cancer awareness and prevention being financed by the Scottish government, a “reality” advertising campaign has been announced. It will show Elaine C. Smith, a well known actress/comedienne holding, in front of her own chest, placards with photos of the breasts that show various types of symptoms—beyond lumps—for which women should be on the lookout. Smith’s mother died of the disease.

Vicky Crichton, the Scottish public affairs manager of Cancer Research UK, says, “Changes to look out for include a new lump or thickening in one breast or armpit; puckering, dimpling or redness of the skin; a change in the position of the nipple or nipple discharge; or pain or discomfort that’s new to you and only on one side.”

The UK has been in an active conversation about what is and is not objectionable in charity advertising (see our past coverage here and here), but although there is an acknowledgement in this article that the campaign is a “bold” one, there is no anticipation of public objection. –Ruth McCambridge