Deserve to Die

June 28, 2012; Source: Milwaukee Business Journal

If you are reading this newswire, I guess the Lung Cancer Alliance chose well when they used the firm of Laughlin Constable to put together an ad campaign that would grab the public’s attention. The taglines for the “No one deserves to die” campaign are headlined with provocative statements like “Cat lovers deserve to die” and “Hipsters deserve to die” to grab the viewer’s attention, pulling them into copy that describes the need for more research into lung cancer, which affects more former smokers and nonsmokers than it does smokers. The campaign is running in bus shelters, phone kiosks, subway stations, movie theaters and online.

Apparently, some do not like the campaign and have pulled the posters down, but as we know, sometimes if you are getting less than your share of attention, it’s worth taking a leap. We’re just glad that no really suggestible people with homicidal tendencies hang out in the subway…—Ruth McCambridge