February 6, 2012; Source: The Washington Post | Last week, The Chicago Tribune pulled the “Doonesbury” comic from the paper for the day because it mentioned Donorschoose.org, a charity that assists people in giving to classrooms in need. The reason they gave cartoonist Gary Trudeau is that the cartoon promoted Trudeau’s “self interest.”

While Trudeau’s son is a teacher in a low income neighborhood, he rejects the paper’s justification, saying that he has no connection to the charity, though he admits that his son’s classroom has received supplies from it. This is the second time that Trudeau’s column has recently been pulled by the Tribune. In September, Trudeau had excerpted passages from Joe McGinniss’s unpublished biography of Sarah Palin for “Doonesbury” and the Tribune pulled the strip, saying that it was unfair to excerpt from a book that was not available and therefore not reviewable by the Tribune. –Ruth McCambridge