Annette Shaff /

April 9, 2013; Source: Tech Crunch

Last year, Google introduced changes to its search practices, including a new feature called the Knowledge Graph, which syncs information with Google+ to appear on the right side of search results. This week, Google also announced that the Knowledge Graph would begin providing key information on nonprofits. Google’s announcement stated, “When you search for a nonprofit organization on, you will start to see information to the right side of the search results that highlights the nonprofit’s financials, cause, and recent Google+ posts.” These new changes will help guide online users toward finding and supporting organizations they are interested in.

The Knowledge Graph also allows users to follow an organization on Google+ with one click, without even navigating away from the search page. This change is clearly another ploy to urge nonprofits to get on Google+, since the more +1s you have as an organization, the better your Google search results will now appear. Despite Google’s egocentric motives behind its shift towards social search, these new search results could open doors for nonprofits looking for new fundraising opportunities and greater public awareness. If your organization has any other inquiries as to what Google’s new search practices will affect, Google has provided a visually dynamic guide to how their search works.—Aine Creedon