We are very glad to send you the lead article from the newest issue, “In September’s Wake: Unstable Conditions Prevail.”

While we love this particular article — which looks at the characteristics of the neighborhood nonprofits in New York City that best weathered the aftermath of September 11 (very interesting findings)–the Spring issue includes a number of other important pieces about, for instance, how the new USA Patriot’s Act will affect nonprofits and how our right to dissent is being affected by new public policy. There are also some wonderful short articles in the departments section about what is happening with Directors and Officers Insurance and on a model for approaching the issue of establishing pension funds for employees of small organizations.

The long and the short of it is that the Spring issue is full of timely, relevant information based in research and designed to help you manage and (if you are a funder) fund organizations more effectively.

Again, don’t miss reading the attached article. It has very interesting implications both for managers and funders.