October 2, 2013; AllTop


Storytelling and growing your online reach is essential for nonprofits to expand awareness in this digital age. Launch Grow Joy has created an infographic that compiles some valuable tips on promoting online content and expanding your online reach. We are all well informed by now that social media is a huge driver in content traffic, but this graphic also touches upon several other important ways you can direct traffic to blog posts.

The infographic below could serve as a helpful tool for content creators in the sector:

Although creating content frequently is important, promoting your content is an integral step in increasing your audience. Bookmarking sites are a great way to get your blog posts out to a wider online audience, but you must also be aware of the brand of content that works on each network. For example, Technorati is a good resource for technology-focused content, while Reddit is a social network for a particular community (majority male, with an abundance of geektivism and memes). Posting promotional content there will not fly with their audience, and will result in instant downvotes—so you may want to look over reddiquette before expecting any posts to go viral.

Leveraging other bloggers by creating a network of like-minded individuals to share content could be very valuable in increasing traffic to blogs. For example, if your nonprofit is focused on nutrition, try reaching out to other content creators in food accessibility and nutrition fields.

Syndication is another great way to expand content reach. The infographic above lists sites such as IFTTT and Amazon to submit blogs to. Some of the resources they list, such as Outbrain, could be very costly for smaller nonprofits with limited technology budgets, but there are less expensive options such as Icerocket and that provide similar services.—Aine Creedon