May 3, 2013; Providence Journal

If NPQ had a nonprofit Dominic Dunne, he would have covered this case. On Friday, Daniel E. Doyle, Jr., once a darling of philanthropists, was indicted on seven counts of embezzlement, one count of obtaining money under false pretenses, five counts of forgery and counterfeiting, and five counts of filing false documents. NPQ started covering the odd case of the Institute for International Sport more than a year ago. The linked article above is well worth reading as a cautionary tale. The Providence Journal has done a phenomenal job in documenting the case, which includes lots of very big grants married to a complicated web of debts, alleged misrepresentations (people listed as board members who never agreed or quoted when they had not spoken) and alleged misuse of funds that left a number of high profile former supporters fuming.

The problems at the Institute, which appear to have been longstanding, may have been obscured by the personality of its charismatic leader.  Doyle is a former basketball coach and by all accounts a convincing advocate for the Institute’s work. Including the  World Scholar-Athlete Games which according to the Washington Post, “brought together thousands of young student athletes from around the world and visits by dignitaries including former President Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.” The organization’s vision was to help foster an attitude of promoting peace on a global scale.

Judge Robert D. Krause has established Doyle’s bail at $100,000 surety, and restricted his travel to Rhode Island and Massachusetts.—Ruth McCambridge