Let’s meet up in Kansas City this April!

Nonprofit Quarterly will be there cosponsoring a conference on governance with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership. This is my favorite nonprofit conference of the year because people actually talk about realities rather than one-size-fits-all prescriptions.

It’s a breath of fresh and inspiring air because—let’s face it—boards and nonprofit governance are a creative work-in-progress. And that can be very exciting if you actually engage with the ever-expanding possibilities…and the not-insignificant challenges.

This year, the conference is called, “The Many Faces of Nonprofit Governance.” Among many other topics, we’re taking up these very real issues:

  • The persistent lack of diversity on boards and what to do about it
  • How advocacy organizations and others are expanding the realms of governance in the digital era
  • Governance across multiple organizations
  • Governance in hybrid organizations

What’s really wonderful about this conference, though, is its informal and friendly setting, which includes a rich mix of academics and nonprofit leaders. There are innumerable opportunities to have the conversations you’ve always wanted to have and ask the questions you have always wanted to ask about what works within the new realities we face, and in each of the various types of organizations with which we are involved.

Anyway, this year, our presenters will include some of the country’s best-known experts in governance. With your knowledge and expertise and questions added to the mix, we will all go home a little more thoughtful about how to approach this rich and promising element of our work.

Please consider coming to this deep and exhilarating dive into nonprofit governance. You won’t be disappointed.