October 24, 2013; Sunshine State News


Whatever Mickey (Mouse) wants, Mickey gets—at least in central Florida. Therein lies a problem with the casino gambling debate going on right now in the Sunshine State.

An organization called No Casinos is leading the charge against legalizing casinos outside of Indian reservations. On GuideStar, No Casinos shows up as a 501(c)(4) established in 1990, but with its tax exempt status marked “revoked.” The address for No Casinos, per GuideStar, is 605 East Robinson Street, Suite 310, in Orlando, which is also the address of Consensus Communications (cited on this document as occupying suite 310, as well as other suites), a for-profit public relations firm run by one John Sowinski. Sowinski is identified in the press as president of No Casinos.

Sunshine State News columnist Nancy Smith makes no bones about her support of casino gambling as “a classier venue for adult entertainment,” which she prefers over “the growing mish-mash of mostly low-end options.” While the analysis of classy vs. low-end analysis puts us off a bit,