September 11, 2012; Source: Denver Business Journal

In a remarkable show of support for nonprofits from a public official, Scott Gessler, Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, has announced he will lower most filing fees for nonprofits to $1. The fees in question currently range from $10 to $1,000. Fees for filing quarterly Bingo and raffle reports will be eliminated altogether. The reduction of fees for nonprofits will reportedly cost his office $1.1 million annually, but his rationale is, “Nonprofits play an important role in our economy and our communities. This move will keep more money in the community.”

Nice move.

But note that Gessler is no more concerned with nonprofits than he is with businesses. Just over a month ago, he cut the fees associated with renewing delinquent business licenses from $100 to $60. And he has instituted measures that make it easier to register multiple businesses at once and submit documents online. –Ruth McCambridge