October 23, 2011; Source: Charlotte Observer | Valaida Fullwood is a founding member of the Charlotte-based Giving Circle, the Next Generation of African American Philanthropists. “We organized a group of youngish professionals several years back and made a very strategic and intentional decision to partner with the Foundation for the Carolinas and avail ourselves of what structured institutional philanthropy could offer,” said Fullwood.

And now she and photographer CharlesW. Thomas, Jr., have documented more than 60 stories of African American philanthropists who are residents of Charlotte in Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists

From the publisher’s description—“In Giving Back, Valaida Fullwood poignantly chronicles the African American philanthropy experience. Intimate vignettes and candid reflections reveal a myriad of philanthropic practices grounded in faith, mutuality, and responsibility. Fullwood juxtaposes personal accounts from a cross section of black philanthropists with fascinating quotes from givers and game-changers across cultures to illuminate transcendent truths and elicit new thinking about philanthropy.”

“African-Americans have a legacy and history of giving that extends back centuries,” Fullwood said. “Giving circles, where individuals in the community pool their contributions, are an extension of that charitable heritage.”—Ruth McCambridge