August 2, 2011; Source: Nintendo Life | Wii-maker Nintendo has a corporate social responsibility goal that is sort of like that of the Santa character from “Miracle on 34th Street:” “Putting smiles on the faces of everyone we touch.” Its truly unique CSR report is kind of infectious, but without the heavy-handed corporate marketing approach of so many other CSR statements. Components include a “Smile-Spreading Project” to get Nintendo employees to better understand one another’s work and build a positive camaraderie, an “Art Academy” to encourage art (fortunately not just Manga), a program to help employees with their work-life balance, and a new LEED-certified eco-friendly U.S. headquarters. Maybe we’re just being snookered by Mario and Pikachu, but it was a CSR document that felt a bit more authentic and less self-promotional than most. – Rick Cohen