May 29, 2012; Source: Gloucester County Times (

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is making a “Charity Search” app available for free to aid donors in doing their research about nonprofits in which they are interested. The app can be accessed by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will be fed by information from the Consumer Affairs division’s database of the state’s approximately 26,000 nonprofits. The app provides a breakdown of each organization’s revenues and expenses, drawn from the group’s most recent fiscal year report, and it only provides information on registered charities. The plan is to make it available to those using other mobile devices.

According to the Gloucester County Times, “the ‘Charity Search’ app is the product of a partnership between the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Information Division of NICUSA Inc., the official eGovernment partner of the State of New Jersey.” –Ruth McCambridge