Do you sometimes think that there is a lot about the way boards function (and dysfunction) that never makes the guide books? You are not alone! 

Whether you work in a nonprofit, a management support organization, an intermediary organization, or a university-based nonprofit education program, you should not miss our spring conference (co-sponsored with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Excellence) featuring the latest research on nonprofit boards! 

The conference, “Whither (Wither?) Boards,” will be held on April 26 and 27 in Kansas City and will feature you in scintillating discussion with some of this continent’s most prominent researchers on nonprofit governance.

To give you a sense of the quality of the dialogue that will be there, I have linked a couple of NPQ articles on governance. These are some of our readers’ favorites. The first is by William Ryan, Richard Chait, and Barbara Taylor entitled “Problem Boards or Board Problems?” in which the authors suggest that the problem with boards is not in the way we manage them but in the way in which they are conceived.

The second is by Judith Millesen entitled “Who ‘Owns’ Your Board?” Both of these articles have been very influential. Many thoughtful NPQ authors will be in Kansas City, including Judith Millesen, David Renz and Robert Herman of the co-sponsoring Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, Mel Gill, Judy Freiwirth, and me, of course.

There will be a few sessions focused just on what we do and don’t know about boards — and what we think we know that ain’t so. These alone will be worth the price of admission.

You save $50 if you register before midnight tomorrow so use this link now to reserve your space!