I admit I am so glad that the @$?+£¥ election is over. But I also see how it has left us all with responsibilities and questions.
How do we deal with where women’s issues in general and specifically reproductive rights went during this election season?
How do we take on the lack of reasonable equity in the economy?
What can we do to ensure that climate change is dealt with seriously? 
How do we handle the ways in which communities address their own growing diversity, the continuing lack of jobs, and the presence of overwhelming debt for young graduates?
How do we get politicians to stop believing that talking about saving the middle class without discussing poverty in respectful ways is sufficient? How do we ensure that another national election is not tainted by big money?
All of these issues need strong and well-peopled work and organizing that work is our job as civil society organizations and active citizens of the world.
NPQ would love to hear from you about the issues that you think the election has helped highlight as priorities for us who live in “the United States” instead of that collection of red and blue strongholds our new and old president referenced last night.