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Do you want to become a part of NPQ’s brain trust?

When you receive the daily NPQ Newswire, it is worth remembering that it is the product of a loose network of people who have volunteered to help us cover the nonprofit environment. Each of the newswire writers has a set of interests and a background in one or a number of nonprofit fields. We have a few who specialize in the arts, one that covers healthcare institutions, one that has a particular interest in the interaction between local and state governments and nonprofits, a number that watch the work of social change organizations, and two that watch the international scene. Some know a lot about boards and governance and nonprofit finances and others watch philanthropic trends. In other words, as a whole group we have many different perspectives coming from many different areas of the country and experience bases.

These people—our newswire writers—know the nonprofit sector not only from having experienced it firsthand but also from studying it. They are people who naturally research their work—not necessarily in an academic way but in a way that keeps them on the cutting edge of the knowledge needed to excel at what they do.

In fact, many of our newswire writers feel that writing for NPQ keeps them at that cutting edge, disciplining them to always look outward and to surface the next questions. They consult with one another about what they are writing and over time develop groupings that watch particular trends. They become acknowledged experts on facets of the nonprofit sector with a base of published writings at NPQ.

NPQ would love to invite you to apply to join this group. We are taking applications now for our next class of writers. If you want to help the sector learn more quickly and become more nimble, wise, and effective, contact us here and we will get back to you for an interview.