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Good Morning! We hope you enjoyed the weekend. At NPQ, what moves you is what moves us. The Week in Review highlights what our readers nominate as their favorite content and what they share with us and the community in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first, take a look at what you might have missed last week in some of the major news stories covered in NPQ.

WORLDWIDE JOURNALIST ARRESTS RISE 20%: A report from the Committee to Protect Journalists reveals that the number of journalists being detained worldwide is up by 20% over last year at this time. Iran, in particular, accounts for one third of the detentions, many of which are for unspecified offenses in secret locations for undefined periods. Kafka anyone? We should all be outraged. This report was released at a time when there has been a general outcry about the number of journalists arrested at Occupy Wall Street protests.

SOME FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES DON’T PAY THEIR SHARE: A report from Citizens for Tax Justice has found that some Fortune 500 companies are paying little to nothing in state taxes while making billions.

TREASURY REPORT GIVES DONOR ADVISED FUNDS A GOOD REVIEW WITH OUTDATED DATA: Longstanding questions about the payout rates of donor advised funds are answered by a treasury report but the data used is fairly antiquated. Anyway the finding is that donor advised funds pay out collectively at 9.4% which is fairly high against the 5% generally paid out by foundations but, as Cohen states, the collective statistic may be masking many funds that pay out at far lower rates since many use these vehicles as a pass through for current giving.

OCCUPY BOSTON ENCAMPMENT DISMANTLED: The Occupy Boston (the last big encampment according to reports) was taken down last week and we are all interested in what the next phase of the movement will be.


altHabitat for Humanity: The Evolution of a High-Performing Nonprofit Network

NPQ’s newest article on Habitat for Humanity International takes us through the evolution of one of the most prevalent international nonprofits in the world, and its impressive ability to adjust, adapt and change throughout the years. Cohen explains the intricate system necessary for Habitat to transform into the powerful and influential network of grassroots organizations they are today. This article also dives into the complexity of branding, and how faith-based language resonates with donors. We expect this article to “have legs” – that is, it will travel far and wide before settling into a niche among our classics. 


Conversation OF THE WEEK

altSocial Entrepreneur Brews Beer for Food

We posed a question at the end of this story of a social entrepreneur who has built a beer business that devotes all of its profits to fighting hunger and our readers answered. Specifically, readers that we know and trust. This is the way the site is supposed to work. No one publication, operating traditionally, can pick up local nuances and conflicting opinions in an reasonable balance but, operating as a network NPQ does just that! Read the conversation that went on below the newswire here.


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Seriously, @npquarterly is the Harvard Business Review for nonprofits. Fun reading, even on a Friday night.

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@npquarterly Bravo to Simone for including #volunteermanagement duties in the director of development job description!

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RT @npquarterly: New report reveals arrests of journalists are up worldwide by 20% – not good!

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The NonprofitQuarterly | @npquarterly | PA State Senator Introduces Bill to Require Nonprofits to Pay Real Estate Taxes 

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I’ll drink to this! “@npquarterly: Innovative beer company’s profits go to charity and are aimed at addressing hunger

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RT @npquarterly: #WI nonprofits report funding shortages across the map – is this the “new normal”? @forwardci



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