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Good Morning! It’s a brand new day and news is more participatory than ever before. NPQ is part of that new day.

NPQ’s Week in Review highlights our reader’s engagement – whether it is in the form of tweets, comments, or contributed articles and Newswires. But first take look at what you might have missed last week from NPQ.

• We nominally lost 17 percent of the nonprofit sector last week as the IRS finally cleared their books of what are considered to be largely nonexistent nonprofits. So all you speakers out there who throw “this sector includes 1.5 million nonprofits” into every speech – please revise. This week there were scads of stories related to the reduction and the odd still-operating nonprofit which had not gotten the loudly blasted message;

• Some people continued to cause problems for themselves and others on social media and NPQ continued to cover how law and organizational policy are trying to backfill;

• The amplifying power of a well-placed lawsuit was once again proven as a woman won her case in U.S. Tax court allowing her to deduct her expenses in attending to 70 feral cats in her home. This decision will now lay a base for other volunteers in a similar position. The person in question is an attorney, by the way, who resents the attempts to portray her as a “crazy cat lady;”

• Newt Gingrich, still a Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential contest, continued to embarrass himself with his flagrant misuse of nonprofits. This story is becoming tiresome;

And much, much more. Happy Monday!

Readers Pick. Hottest hitting article OF THE WEEK.

“It’s a New (Old) Day for Volunteerism: Crowdsourcing Social Change” was written by Peter O’Donnell of Ontario, Canada, a longtime NPQ reader. He first wrote to us in response to a number of newswires NPQ had recently run about the power of volunteers in crisis situations. He felt like the potential that nonprofits have in being able to mobilize their constituencies was often not realized until a crisis occurred and that this was a terrible waste of core resources. We asked him to write it up and the result is this dynamic piece, which has resonated enough to be tweeted repeatedly and be picked up by a very diverse collection of blogs since it was published on Tuesday. We predict it will have long legs.

Trending Tweets of the week.


Thanks for all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the word and we’re grateful for your engagement. This week a lot of you retweeted our Facebook Firings story and our Newswire asking the question, Are charity walks worth it? Here’s a sneak peek below. And thanks for sharing! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter: @npquarterly.

GordonJayFrostJun 15, 3:18pm via HootSuite

RT @nonprofitbanker: RT @npquarterly: Charity walks are expensive enough that some wonder if it’s worth it #fundraising

AskBeeJun 15, 3:18pm via HootSuite

RT @nonprofitbanker: RT @npquarterly: Charity walks are expensive enough that some wonder if it’s worth it #fundraising

nonprofitbankerJun 15, 3:15pm via HootSuite

RT @npquarterly: Charity walks are expensive enough that some wonder if it’s worth it #fundraising // read comments!

danielschwartzJun 16, 9:41am via Tweet Button

Facebook Firings and the Labor Relations Board: What Nonprofits Need to Know via @npquarterly (thx @egculbertson)

knowledgeguide4:45pm via HootSuite

Don’t trash-talk your boss. Facebook Firings and the Labor Relations Board: What Nonprofits Need to Know

CFCvitalsigns4:30pm via HootSuite

RT @npquarterly: How vulnerable are you for “watercooler” discussions on Facebook? Discuss with us on LinkedIn!

Contributor OF THE WEEK.

Sarrell Dental Clinic

Readers contribute to NPQ in any number of ways. The Sarrell Dental Clinic is our contributor of the week for its inspirational value. Sarrell won a big victory this week when the governor of Alabama signed legislation allowing it continue to provide dentistry services to poor children. Almost inconceivably, these services had been blocked by other dentists and Sarrell was forced to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the Alabama Dental Association.

The clinic clearly has it going on where engagement of allies is concerned. We noticed that once Rick Cohen started writing about the situation, Sarrell kept in close touch with NPQ. They tweeted and wrote thank you notes and reprinted Rick’s comments. Good looking out Sarrell, we are proud to have you as a reader. See, to be a valuable contributor or to collaborate with NPQ, you don’t necessarily have to write a column or article , but you can give us a tip, a link, or a nudge. E-mail [email protected].


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