NPQ’s Week in Review

Good Morning! It’s a brand new day and news is more participatory than ever before. NPQ is part of that new day.

NPQ’s Week in Review highlights our reader’s engagement – whether it is in the form of tweets, comments, or contributed articles and Newswires. But first take look at what you might have missed last week from NPQ.

• We nominally lost 17 percent of the nonprofit sector last week as the IRS finally cleared their books of what are considered to be largely nonexistent nonprofits. So all you speakers out there who throw “this sector includes 1.5 million nonprofits” into every speech – please revise. This week there were scads of stories related to the reduction and the odd still-operating nonprofit which had not gotten the loudly blasted message;

• Some people continued to cause problems for themselves and others on social media and NPQ continued to cover how law and organizational policy are trying to backfill;

• The amplifying power of a well-placed lawsuit was once again proven as a woman won her case in U.S. Tax court allowing her to deduct her expenses in attending to 70 feral cats in her home. This decision will now lay a base for other volunteers in a similar position. The person in question is an attorney, by the way, who resents the attempts to portray her as a “crazy cat lady;”