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Good Morning! We hope you enjoyed the weekend. At NPQ, what moves you is what moves us. The Week in Review highlights what our readers nominate as their favorite content and what they share with us and the community in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first, take a look at what you might have missed last week in some of the major news stories covered in NPQ.

YOUTH CHANGING THE WORLD: NPQ readers this week were enthused by the moving stories of International Children’s Peace Prize nominees. And who wouldn’t be inspired by an 11-year-old starting a journal protesting her region’s school closing to girls? If these young people can grapple fundamental global issues, what’s our excuse?

NEW SITE ENCOURAGES NONPROFITS & OTHERS TO ADMIT FAILURES: A new Canadian website is taking a refreshing new look at nonprofit and company failures. Why are we all so scared to admit our mistakes when we could be sharing and learning from one another? NPQ hopes “Admitting Failure” helps organizations grow and learn from one another’s experiences.
SANDUSKY SCANDAL & SECOND MILE STORIES CONTINUE…: This week Jerry Sandusky’s charity continued to make the news as Second Mile has asked their donors to shift donations to another organization Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.  Are they shutting down? The mix of statements about Second Mile aren’t making anything clear. In any case, there are certainly nonprofit governance lessons to be learned from the Sandusky scandal.


If “Jury Is Still Out” On Teach for America–Why the Massive Investment?

There are a number of large national organizations that have the imprimatur of “social entrepreneur” which in many people’s minds implies a strong research base proving that the approach works but many who have researched and supported Teach for America’s development into a massive national presence feel that the jury is still out on its effectiveness and its potential for actually causing harm through the unanticipated consequence of displacing more experienced teachers. While other countries try to bring the strongest and most experienced teachers to work with struggling students, is Teach for America’s tactic of using less experience young professionals actually working? Some are skeptical. The real question is how can the program continue to expand internationally and increase funding without tangible results.


Conversation OF THE WEEK


Rush Limbaugh: Lauds Greed over Charity

Rush Limbaugh is always good for a conversation starter. Here was his provocation of the week that got readers discussing the role of self interest in ensuring healthy communities:

“what has fed more people, greed or charity? . . . It’s a multiple-choice question with two possibilities: Greed or charity . . . That’s right: Greed! Greed has fed more mouths than charity ever could. If you don’t like the word “greed,” use “self-interest.”. . . See, Dawn’s in there saying, “You shouldn’t say ‘greed.’ It’s just gonna make people think you have no heart, and people are gonna think that you’re all forsuffering. Don’t say ‘greed.'” Okay, self-interest, then . . . “There, that’s better.” Okay. Self-interest versus charity. Self-interest will feed more mouths every time it’s tried. It’s not even close.”

Read the conversation that went on below the newswire here.


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