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Good Morning! We hope you enjoyed the weekend. At NPQ, what moves you is what moves us. The Week in Review highlights what our readers nominate as their favorite content and what they share with us and the community in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first, take a look at what you might have missed last week in some of the major news stories covered in NPQ.

NEWS FLASH: COMMERCIALISM INVADING SCHOOLS IS BAD FOR STUDENTS: This can hardly come as a surprise, but those school business partnerships that have been lauded all over the country as bringing additional resources to students seem to be favoring the businesses over the students. In fact the study from the National Education Policy Center finds that the selling of products and story lines that support the product of the businesses often outright contradicts curriculum and rewrites social reality.

REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER: This year grassroots activists marked the 5th of November as, “Bank Transfer Day” – in backlash of the monthly fees Bank of America was planning to start charging customers in 2012. During the four weeks leading up to November 5th at least 650,000 bank customers had transferred their accounts to nonprofit credit unions. ABC News also called the Bank Transfer Day movement a “mutiny”. Looks like activists hoping to turn heads succeeded, although definite numbers won’t be available until the end of the 4th quarter.

STUDY FINDS VETERANS STAY HOMELESS LONGER: As we celebrated Veteran’s Day last Friday, some less than uplifting statistics were released on homeless veterans. A recent study by the 100,000 Homes Campaign indicated veterans who become homeless tend to be homeless longer and to have worse health conditions than non-veterans. In fact, 17% of all homeless people are veterans as compared to their 9% representation in the general population.

EATING OUR YOUNG?:  A recent Pew study revealed that the wealth gap between younger and older adults in America is by far the widest it’s ever been. In fact, the average household headed by someone over 65 has a net worth that is 47 times that of a household headed by someone under 35. This is a result of a combination of factors including the housing downturn, a lack of job availability and high student debt among other things. 

Conversation OF THE WEEK


Nonprofit or For Profit? That is the Question

This “Voices in the Field” reflection submitted by a reader discusses her rationale for wishing to start a set of clinics for low income women as for profit rather than nonprofit endeavors. Readers weighed in on both sides. NPQ encourages its readers to pose these kinds of provocative questions. It helps us all think through our strategies.


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Thanks to all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the NPQ word and we’re grateful for your engagement. Rick Cohen’s piece on Wikileak’s donors leaving and it’s implications on the nonprofit sector ignited some intriguing tweets along with NPQ‘s timely article on protesters in Egypt supporting Occupy Oakland. Thanks to our community for surfacing and circulating what interests you! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter at @npquarterly.

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Budget deficit. RT @wilhan: A good question. “@npquarterly: Michigan ends state charitable donation tax credit – why?

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Youngster Philanthropy—An Early Lesson in Infectious Generosity via @npquarterly and @addthis

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Via @npquarterly – The Nearly Tax Exempt Sector: Big For-Profit Corporations

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Around $80M transferred out of big banks on TransferDay! RT @npquarterly: ABC News labels Bank Transfer Day as a mutiny

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Voices from the Field: Is it Marketing or Philanthropy? via @npquarterly

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Commercialization of Occupy Wall Street Movement in @npquarterly #nonprofit #socialjustice



  NPQ’s READER Contributor of the week

Woods Bowman – otherwise known as the Nonprofit Ethicist has been a contributor to NPQ for some time, acting not only as the popular albeit sometimes trenchant Nonprofit Ethicist but also contributing some of our best articles on nonprofit financial management. Try “Goldilocks and the Three Budgets” for a taste. Woods’ day job is as a Professor of Public Service at DePaul University in Chicago.





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