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Good Morning! We hope you enjoyed the weekend. At NPQ, what moves you is what moves us. The Week in Review highlights what our readers nominate as their favorite content and what they share with us and the community in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first, take a look at what you might have missed last week in some of the major news stories covered in NPQ.

ILLINOIS REACHES NEW LEVELS OF DEADBEATITTUDE: Illinois seems to have a bad habit of making late payments on its contracts with nonprofits, but this time they’ve really taken it to a whole new level. The state of Illinois now has a total of $5 billion owed to nonprofits on 166,000 billings – and believe it or not this is considered a low estimate of what the actual total is.

IS OBAMA LAUNCHING CLASS WARFARE ON THE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS?: Joel Kotkin from Politico wrote a very opinionated piece on how Obama’s proposals do less harm to the ultra-rich than to the large professional classes. Is Obama protecting the “plutocrats” and chose the wrong class of rich people as targets? This wouldn’t be the first time the government has been accused of coddling the super wealthy.

WHO SAYS TALK IS CHEAP? JUST ASK OREGON: Despite massive budget cuts and scarce resources, the state of Oregon has significantly increased its communications budget. This targeted spending may reveal how important outreach is through social media to the community and in establishing vital partnerships. Will this be a trend in state budgets? Community outreach seems to be trending in strengthening nonprofits and neighborhoods – maybe state governments could learn something from dynamic partnerships in the nonprofit sector.

 Readers’ Pick: THE Hottest article OF THE WEEK

altWhat Drives Nonprofit Executive Compensation?

This article by Peter Frumkin and Elizabeth Keating, both eminent researchers of nonprofits, looks at what factors really correlate to high executive compensation in nonprofits. The answer may not be a complete surprise but you might wish to take a look if you have a longing to spend a few years making a cool half mill while still wearing the “halo” of nonprofitude.

 Conversation OF THE WEEK

altThe “18 Most Hated Companies in America” and Their Philanthropy

How do the 18 “most hated” U.S. corporations look on corporate social responsibility lists? Turns out most of these big companies don’t come out very high on the CSR rankings – or they miss the lists completely but there are a few who manage to be simultaneously  most hated and philanthropic.

 Trending Tweets of the week


Thanks to all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the NPQ word and we’re grateful for your engagement. This week Huntsman senior’s philanthropic generosity and an innovative newswire questioning if diversity of philanthropic approaches better guards democracy really got the tweeters talking. Thanks to our community for surfacing and circulating what interests you! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter at @npquarterly.

KateSBarrOct 21, 3:30pm via Tweetbutto


As usual R Cohen offers comprehensive view re charitable deduction w/bonus for using the word adumbrating @npquarterly

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Huntsman disagrees with Buffett on giving 50% of wealth. he thinks billionaires should give away 80%

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Does Diversity of Philanthropic Approaches Better Guard Democracy? @npquarterly @guardian


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RT @npquarterly: Can a diverse ecosystem of philanthropic approaches produce supportable long-term change?

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Soros Jr. Enters His Own Philanthropic Journey With Baggage…In a Good Way #philanthropy

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RT @npquarterly: Do you have an innovative & awesome idea? Share it w @awesomefound & you may receive a micro-grant


  NPQ’s READER Contributor of the week

Kate Barr

Our contributor of the week this week is Kate Barr whose tweet you see above. Kate is a frequent writer and editorial advisor for NPQ but sheis also the executive director of the Minnesota based Nonprofits Assistance Fund. Under her leadership, the organization has emerged as a premier financial management resource in Minnesota by providing training, strategic financial counsel, and loans to the nonprofit community but Kate’s particular expertise is in making financial management and leadership absolutely fascinating. I’ve seen her hold a roomful of nonprofit leaders on the edge of their seats with her discussion of cash flow projections. Believe me – this lady is talented! Watch for the article she co-authored with Jeanne Bell of Compasspoint in our next issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly.



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