Gallery 250
Image Credit: MetroGallery250

April 4, 2013; Source: Philadelphia Business Journal

NPQ loves stories where an obvious but unexplored idea is brought into innovative practice. We are all familiar with the storyline of the frustrated artist/singer/musician working as a waiter/barista/fry cook. But now the Metropolitan Gallery 250 in Philadelphia has decided to really explore the connection between food workers and artists with its show “The Sidework Series,” scheduled to begin on April 15.

“Sidework” will start with an exhibition from workers at four eateries. That will close in late May, and another featuring a few more restaurants will begin in July.

Wendy Born of the Metropolitan Bakery, which is sponsoring Gallery 250, explains the concept, “The food scene and the art world are tightly connected and reliant on each other, so it seemed natural to have this exhibit. . . . We hope everyone will come out to support the artists from the Philly food scene. Who knows? Your favorite waiter might have created the perfect piece of art for you.”

It seems like a perfect fit to us. Imagine the number of people hosted by the eateries and encountered by these workers during the course of a day. Could you ask for a better natural marketing opportunity? –Ruth McCambridge