As 2022 draws to a close, we share some of our favorite content from the desk this year.

1. Going Pro-Black


2. Beyond Neoliberal Politics: What a Multiracial US Democracy Requires


3. Revolutionary Black Grace: Finding Emotional Justice in Global Black Communities


4. Decriminalizing Abortion: Women of Color Continue to Lead the Fight for Reproductive Justice


5. The Emergence of Black Funds


6. Swinging Philanthropy Dick Is Indecent


7. Combating Disinformation and Misinformation in 21st-Century Social Movements


8. What Is Abolition Feminism and Why Do We Need It Now?


9. Making Black Communities Powerful in Politics—And in Our Lives


10. Making the Invisible Visible: AAPI Women Build Political Power


11. One Nation Under a Groove: How to Build a Black Future Through Strong, Black-Led Community Organizations


12. Justice Beyond the Polls: Investing in Black Youth Organizers


13. Solutions Centering Black Women in Housing from the Locked Out: Black Women, Wealth, and Homeownership collaborative series


14. Dismantling the Land Theft System: A Land Back Vision for Philanthropy from the Community-Driven Philanthropy series


15. Building Resilient Organizations: Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis