Even when we are doing work that is meant to create more harmony, we can strike a wrong chord. And even in the midst of trying to build strong community, we can become embroiled in conflict or blind competition for influence or power. But NPQ’s Doctor Conflict stands ready to help you think about how the conflict you are having serves you, how it doesn’t, and how it can be resolved. Ask him about whatever conflict you may be having. He is uncannily accurate.

For many years I have been a follower of Donella Meadows. She was that uncommon combination of grounded and visionary, clinging as tightly to complexity as to simplicity. And in this she is a great guide to how the world works and how to strategically make change within it.

We feature an article by her today, called “Just So Much and No More,” that speaks to the contradiction between unfettered competition and community, and links that to the sustainability of the planet. But in all of that she keeps it, as I said, simple (but never naïve).

I am asking you today not just to read the article but also to make sure it gets distributed to your staff, board, colleagues, and friends, so that we can all take a moment to consider the how of what we do to make our communities and our world a better place.

And, again, Doctor Conflict would love to consult with you about those conflicts you may be having that make you feel either smaller than you really are or unreasonably puffed up with rage or righteousness. It’s not a good look either way, and if you can move away from such stuff, you should. Let him help.