March 2, 2011; Source: The Huffington Post | Caution: Links with profanities contained in this Newswire!

Throughout Rahm Emanuel’s Mayoral campaign in Chicago, the notoriously foul-mouthed politician was shadowed by a tweeter whose tweets under the nom de plume @mayoremanuel were a work of profane art. If you have not yet read them and have a tolerance for gritty language, you should. The doppelganger had many more Twitter followers (more than 39,000) than the real candidate (11,000).

The real Rahm was intrigued and declared that if the fake Rahm came forward he would give $5,000 to the charity of his choice. Some think he may have offered the reward to stop rumors that he himself was writing the expletive filled missives.

So on Monday, fake Emanuel, otherwise known as Dan Sinker, an associate professor of journalism at Columbia College, outed himself to the Atlantic. Later, the two met face to face in the studios of WLS where Rahm declared himself a fan of his own imposter, stating that at times Sinker exactly mirrored his own sentiments.

The lucky organization receiving not just the original pledge but also another $7,000 in donations mostly raised through (“anyone can change the world”) as a match, is Young Chicago Authors, which decided to nominate itself through an "in the spirit" blog post (well worth reading) when Emanuel made the offer.

Jen Burton at said about their participation, "We want giving to be fun, easy and social – making charitable donations shouldn't always have to be based around tragic events or disasters and this was a great opportunity for us to have a little fun."

@mayoremaneul, I for one will miss you.—Ruth McCambridge