Regular Columns
Editor’s Notes, by Ruth McCambridge

In this weekly column, editor in chief Ruth McCambridge shares her perspective from close to 50 years as a leader in the nonprofit sector. McCambridge uses a personal storytelling, insight and experience to share her thoughts. Editor’s Notes is sent directly to subscribers to our e-Newsletter and is our primary ways of soliciting reader guidance and feedback on a particular topic we’re examining. We always respond to our queries with a summary of your feedback. Read the e-newsletter [link to e news]

The Cohen Report, by Rick Cohen

Cohen uses his 40 plus years in nonprofits and philanthropy for this bi weekly column that looks at the intersection of policy and philanthropy. Cohen looks at developments at he federal level and with research, interviews, and a keen eye provides insight on what the effect will be for nonprofits. Read the Cohen Report [link to Cohen report]

Unraveling Development, by Simone Joyaux, ACFRE

Joyaux is a well-respected and experienced fundraiser. With wit and frankness, this bi-weekly fundraising column addresses the critical elements all leaders need to consider when approaching raising funds for their organizations. Joyaux also tackles important governance issues necessary for running an organization. She has more than 35 years experience as staff, consultant, and board member in the nonprofit sector. Read Unraveling Development.

The Nonprofit Ethicist, by Woods Bowman, PhD

We all face questions of ethics in our work. Woods Bowman, associate professor at DePaul University, helps readers negotiate these questions with direct and practical advice. Bowman has extensive experience in governance, research, and nonprofits. He was the chief financial officer of Cook County from 1990-1994, a member of the House of Representatives, Illinois General Assembly from 1977 to 1990, and Chair of the Appropriations II Committee. He holds a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. Submit your own ethics quandary to the Nonprofit Ethicist here (link to either form submit or email for [email protected]) and you can rest assured, you will be in great hands.

Dr. Conflict, by Mark Light, PhD

Have you ever had a professional interaction that left a bad taste in your mouth? Have you wondered how you should (or shouldn’t) address the behavior of others in your workplace? No one likes conflict and in a work environment, dealing with it is even harder. The good Doctor is at your service. Submit your questions and quandaries to him here (link) and he’ll respond with humor, compassion and what always turns out to be spot on advice.  An distinguished professor, and spot-on problem solver, Dr. Light is currently executive in residence at DePaul University’s School of Public Service. Contact Dr. Conflict with your problems.