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April 30, 2012; Source: Greenbiz.com

Ceres is a nonprofit focused on promoting environmentally and economically sustainable practices in the corporate world. It does so in part by signing up and mobilizing like-minded corporate leaders and investors. How successful has Ceres been in recruiting companies to sign up to fight climate change and work toward creating a sustainable global economy? A new report from Ceres, “The Road to 2020,” called out the still insufficient and sporadic levels of corporate support for addressing climate change, but provides useful analysis and guideposts about where the corporate sector is and what it might take to motivate corporate leaders and investors to move to the environmentally sustainable side of the global economy.

The “Road to 2020” report assesses where 600 publicly traded U.S. companies fall out on some 20 variables within four major areas: governance (how companies “embed sustai