January 13, 2012; Source: Fox News | In what seems like an inevitable move, the charity that has been associated with the Sandusky scandal is placing a 60-acre plot of land in Bellefonte, Penn. on the market. Construction of a “Center for Excellence” had begun on the site last summer, but when the scandal began to emerge, fundraising for the organization ground to a halt, and Second Mile has been directing donors to give to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape instead.

A $3 million state grant for the project was terminated on Friday, although it has been clear since November that the grant funds were more than unlikely to be released. The state grant was to have paid for the first phase of building the center, which was envisioned as Second Mile’s future home.

Of the 60 acres, 40 had been purchased in 2002 for $168,000. Second Mile recently listed its assets in a court filing as $1.2 million in unrestricted cash, $5.2 million in donor-restricted cash, and $3.3 million-worth of real estate. The charity has $7.9 million in net assets and $1.8 million in liabilities.—Ruth McCambridge