I wanted to be sure that you knew about NPQ‘s special webinar on May 17, on the newest concepts in nonprofit governance and how to use them. It will be an opportunity to consult perhaps the most forward thinking expert on the topic in the country: Dr. David O. Renz.

Author of many articles for NPQ, including “Reframing Governance II,” Dr. Renz is also the convener of the biannual conference on nonprofit governance, co-produced by the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership and NPQ, in collaboration with the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, where researchers and practitioners brainstorm ways to develop and unleash the full potential of our governance systems. What really distinguishes Renz, however, is that he marries his knowledge and expertise to a grounded understanding of the many ways that real boards work.
In this webinar we will share the thinking from this year’s conference and provide a forum in which you can ask questions about how to bring some of the concepts into powerful practice.

We encourage you to invite your board members and colleagues so that they can listen first-hand. We also encourage you to come with your own thoughts and questions. The webinar is free of charge. Register here for the event.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up today to reserve your space!