As we go through this presidential transition, NPQ has given a lot of hard thought to what we write on and from what stance. It’s been more than a little intense, but in the end we came to a radical conclusion that, in my experience, usually works in moments of nonprofit crisis—to stand even more firmly on principle and our mission intentions, to reiterate our values with various stakeholders, and double down on our work.

In any case, one of the things we’ve been following is the selection of advisors and cabinet members by the president-elect, looking at the clues there that presage what the future holds when it comes to policy and funding in a variety of fields. None of the appointees so far could be called blank slates; each stands as a symbol of what we might expect. For instance, take Tom Price, who is President-elect Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services, and who will oversee Medicare and Medicaid, among other things. His ideas on those mega-programs and the Affordable Care Act are well known, as are the fixes he favors. Any changes, of course, will affect vulnerable people all across the country—as well as the nonprofits that serve them.

I bring up this particular newswire because this is the kind of coverage we generally approach gradually as things develop. However, we do like to send early warning signals to those of you who will be affected but are not yet busily working through scenario planning.

And, that needs to go both ways. We need to get the heads-up from you on issues that are brewing and corrections on points we’ve made that may turn out a bit off-base. In the end, we rely on your grounded intelligence to keep our coverage moving on the right course.

In short, just keep in touch with us on how we are doing—what we could be doing better, and where we need to go that we have not yet been. And we will keep in touch right back.