I don’t know about you but I always come to this point in the summer and marvel at how fast it is speeding by. I look forward to it all winter, making grand resolutions about spending some real time relaxing, and then other things intervene. So I earnestly cram all my relaxing into the end of the summer —  largely because no one else is around anyway.

I imagine you are also on the ocean or beside a lake or, perhaps, on your front stoop with a cold drink of something — reading and mellowing out.

The attached article, “Who’s Afraid of a Small Blue Pill” is offered as an addition to your beach or stoop reading. Appearing in our last issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly, we think it is not only hilarious, but may help take a bit of the edge off our worries about what promises to be a challenging fundraising season this fall.

See you in September!