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(Saphia stands in the middle of a field. The camera begins to circle her, getting closer and closer. Eerie music can be heard.)

SAPHIA (VO): One of the effects of this trickle down of cancel culture into the everyday is the positionality fallacy. This mythical position that many activists, change makers, and other well-intentioned individuals try to take where they can say the right thing for everyone. We try to achieve this state in response to “what about” people.

VOICES: Well, what about Indigenous Latinx people? You didnt mention the Indigenous Latinx community in your statement. / And what about queer people? / Or people who are undocumented? / Or those living below the poverty line? / Or people with disabilities? / What about me, huh? / Yeah, what about me? / You didnt mention me! / You didnt include me!

(Close up of Saphia. The camera slowly backs up.)

SAPHIA (VO): The truth is, as valiant as it is to try and include every identity, every person, in everything, we forget—we were not meant to communicate to everyone all at once. There is no spot you can stand in and say the right thing for everyone.

(Saphia and her surroundings begin to spin, until they blur into a circle. Fade to outro.)