Over the last few months, I have done many newswires on arts and cultural organizations, which are still suffering the effects of the recession.

Today, we published a newswire on a report called the Arts Index, and it confirmed a good deal of what we have been seeing play out in arts groups around the country. In short, the proportion of arts groups finding themselves in end of the year deficits in 2012 was up to 44.2 percent from 36 percent in 2007. The report says that most of these were larger arts groups. But when you look at the decreases in operating revenue across many different categories, the outcome is hardly surprising.

NPQ would love to hear more about how this is playing out in the field—among museums, and symphonies, and dance companies. Have you weathered the recession and come out the other side flying high? Or, are you still climbing back up out of a hole? What dug that hole for you, and what needs to happen next to make your effort sing again?

Looking forward to hearing from you!