Thank you for your partnership during 2011. And what a year it was! Could it have been any more turbulent, distressing, exciting, discombobulating, and energizing? We ran to keep up, calling to one another, “Did you hear that?” and “What do you think that means?” as the stories rolled in. We tried to make sense of it all with and for you.

Through our daily online newswire and other articles and columns, NPQ has throughout this eventful year tracked and learned from the disruptions, eruptions, trends, and dynamics affecting nonprofits and society at large. It seemed everything was changing at a dizzying pace, in sometimes unpredictable and unfathomable directions. People hit the streets and cyberspace all over the world, emphasizing the continuing belief that we have the right and even the responsibility to stand up and make change collectively. And at NPQ, whose mission is to promote an active and engaged democracy, we took heart.

We couldn’t possibly have followed or understood all of this without the involvement of you, our NPQ readers, through your contribution of newswires, suggestions of content and news tips, articles for our “Voices from the Field” column, and forthright comments on posted newswires—all of which were informed by your work in the diverse communities of this country. We deeply appreciate your partnership, because you are what make NPQ wise beyond its years and far more all seeing, powerful, and nimble than our budget size might suggest. Still, despite our excitement about the work we do, our daily production of newswires and feature articles will be on holiday next week. We’re catching our breath and taking stock of what we’ve seen and heard over this past year, so we can be ready for all of what 2012 will bring. (Hint: do not expect anything to calm down quite yet.)

After the new year turns, we’ll be back again with more reporting and commentary on the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, and indeed the social sector writ large. Expect a more expansive NPQ in 2012, with a more fabulous website, a larger array of information and commentary, and many more contributors.

Maybe you will be one of them, and we do look forward to that!

Meanwhile, take good care. As of yesterday, we have already passed the shortest day of the year. Have a good break as the sunshine reapproaches.

All our best:

Ruth, Rick, Kristin, Armando, Cassandra, James, Aine, and Mike—your devoted NPQ staff