“This remarkable new model for managing nonprofits will turn everything you thought you knew on its head. This breakthrough approach, pioneered in Silicon Valley with high tech firms, has already had promising results in two social ventures, and is now ready for full scale replication. Or you can stay hopelessly behind the curve.”

Ever heard this pitch before?

There is no shortage of ideas – the trick is sorting what makes sense for your organization.

The Nonprofit Quarterly long ago made the commitment to its readers to unravel and debunk the nonsense that passes in waves over the sector — those “latest greatest ideas” nonprofits are besieged with.

Anyway, when we got a number of excited announcements about the earth shattering findings of a recent study on a deficit in nonprofit leadership, it set off our hogwash monitors. In order to respond to this idea appropriately we decided to bring the heaviest of our hitters to the plate — Phil Anthrop. His analysis is available at the link below.


And, while we are on that topic . . .

The Nonprofit Quarterly is creating a timeline of management trends and influences in the nonprofit sector. Whenever we do something like this, we start with reader feedback. What, in your experience have been the best and worst of management ideas imposed on nonprofits. Which have been useful and which haven’t? Help us by filling out the survey referenced below where you can nominate your favorite and most reviled fads. As an incentive, we’ll send you, or the person of your choice, a free copy of the NPQ.

The survey is now closed.