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Last weekend I had to go down in my basement. No worries. It was daylight and relatively warm, so my usual horrors of the basement abated as I headed out to the bulkhead, only to encounter the grotesque remains of a possum welcoming me into the depths. The fact that possums are among the ugliest animals in the world aside—that snout! that tail!—it had been (I’m sorry to inform you) nibbled on. But there was no getting around it. It was mine to dispose of. I won’t tell you how I did it while my usual entourage of polite feral cats looked on, but it got disposed of.
Life is full of little surprises that require us to step up, and nonprofits are great at just hunkering down and addressing such surprises. Deal with it! But when we lift our eyes up, it is good and inspiring to be able to see the horizon. There is an enormous amount happening around us in the world that holds untold excitement and promise, and also there are some traps on our way to the horizon that we may want to be warned of.
This is where NPQ steps in. We try to keep our readers informed about the many trends affecting our collective work: the new uses of networks and technology to make things happen, the new ways in which civil society organizations are thinking about financing, what is happening in philanthropic and government funding, what public policy has in store . . . and so much more.
NPQ works hard to fulfill its promise to its readers. We stay up half the night editing, and then during the day we write, and wander around the corners of this country talking to you and…look for money so that we can stay up half the night editing. And if it weren’t for the breathtaking power of the information we send out to you daily—its usefulness and inherent value for forward-thinking practitioners—we would not bother. But we believe deeply that you working in the trenches of justice and good deserve a dedicated press, and we are bound and determined to be that to you.
So here is what I would ask. Make a donation of $100 dollars or more today to help us stay up all night, and we will continue to help you to deal effectively with those dead possums that make up some part of our daily work lives while seeing well beyond them.

P.S. My deepest apologies to possum lovers, but you get my point.