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NPQ will not be publishing a newswire today. Instead, we will be starting our much-needed annual break through January 2nd, 2019. But, next week, you will get important, end-of-year, “making sense of it all” summaries, including:

  • The best NPQ articles, webinars, and podcasts of 2018
  • NPQ’s list of the most powerful social sector trends of 2018
  • Predictions for the coming year, where your work will be at least as important and influential as it was this past year

We hear from you throughout the year about how much NPQ means, what we need to do next, where we might have gotten something particularly wrong or right, and the many uses to which you have put our work. This informs and enriches NPQ immeasurably, but a dollar contribution from you as we end this eventful year would also be welcome—in fact, it’s critical to helping us usher in what promises a socially transformative 2019.

We have grown in the last few years, bringing on new senior editors to build out our coverage and networks and deepen our collective thinking about the future we want to create together. As we move into 2019, we intend to build on that, bringing on new voices and generally challenging and supporting civil society to strengthen democracy and promote justice, equity, and—dare we say it—a sense of shared possibility.

Please think about what you have received from NPQ this year and remember us in your end-of-year giving. Your support helps us keep this independent, collaborative journalism platform alive and thriving.

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