Do you want to join our newswire team?

You may or may not know that NPQ has a group of volunteer newswire writers who contribute to our daily sendout. This network provides NPQ with a sensory system made up of people with their feet on and ear to the ground. Because they are both part of the nonprofit operating environment and skilled observers, they are uniquely positioned to interpret the potential of a trend or policy—whether it be local or national—and think about the far-reaching implications as well as the short-term impacts. And, because there are a number of writers involved, the group as a whole, along with our readers, provides ballast: counter analysis, clarification, and/or addition of facts . . . and it all works together to bring our readers increasingly sophisticated news daily.

News with the added wisdom of your peers—news with enough meaning and context to make it useful.

So, for instance, this week Michael Wyland has been working on coverage of the IRS meltdown. The integrity of the IRS, of course, affects all of us. To do this coverage, he says, he must monitor his own stance, since he is, as he is fond of telling me, probably our most politically conservative newswire writer. Honestly, though, whatever our individual political leanings at NPQ, I think we were all just as outraged.

This IRS story is clearly intense and complicated. We need multiple writers helping to cover it so that you are well and fully informed, but that is the case with many stories in the sector—the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the role of hackers and online organizing in changing politics and institutions, the advancements and organizing strategies of gay rights groups, the changes in the landscape of philanthropy. We cover it all. And now . . .

We are recruiting to add to our newswire group!

You must write with ease, you must by nature be a good observer of the nonprofit operating environment, and you must be willing to pitch in regularly and be part of a collective that reports the stories of our times collaboratively.

If you are interested in being interviewed for this volunteer role, let us know here.