Reports on the Impact of the Economy on Nonprofits and Foundations: Make the Data Publicly Accessible

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Readers who are used to the extensive footnotes in Cohen Report postings wondered why the recent posts on the conditions of funders and nonprofits during the current economic downturn (Foundation Grantmaking during Economic Collapse: Pollyanna or Cassandra at the Helm? and Nonprofits Speaking for Themselves: The Impact of the National Economic Tailspin) had lots of citations, but not from the specific grantmaker and nonprofit association reports.  Well, we have the reports containing the core information used in the postings (some RAGs gave us information, but not in report form), of course!  At CR, we love telling stories with numbers.  But the articles were so long without this list of reports, we figured we’d publish the list separately–here.

Do note the following:  We are very appreciative of the RAGs, United Ways, and nonprofit associations that made their reports (even in summary or press release form) available to the public by posting them on the Internet.  We are especially appreciative of those organizations that posted not only the reports, but also the raw survey data.  It is SO important to all of us to make sure that researchers are contributing their information to the nonprofit sector’s accessible knowledge base and not restricting access by making the information proprietary.  Sharing research information–not just analyses and reports, but the raw data when possible–is crucial for our sector’s advancement.

Here’s what we used in the “Foundation Grantmaking” and “Nonprofits Speaking” posts [Note: We’ve received more since we posted the articles on March 19th and will do updates as we generate more information]:

Indiana Grantmakers’ Response to the Economic Crisis (Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, 2008)

How is the Economy Affecting Philanthropy in Our State? (Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, 2008?)

2008 Economic Impact Survey (Arizona Grantmakers Forum, 2008)

Economic Response Survey – Preliminary Results (Northern California Grantmakers, 2009?)

How Is the Economy Affecting Our Region? (Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, 2008)

Wisconsin 100 Economy Data (Donors Forum of Wisconsin, n.d.)

Recession-Fighting Ideas for Philanthropy: Overview of Indiana Grantmakers Alliance Economic Impact Survey (Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, n.d.)

Donors Forum of South Florida: Economic Impact Survey (Donors Forum of South Florida, n.d.)

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 2009: Economic Crisis Weighs on Nonprofit Sector (Donors Forum, 2008)

CNJG Survey: Managing in Turbulent Times (Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, 2008) [Note:  Yes, CR knows that there’s something wrong with this link…]

Challenges Ahead: Upstate NY Philanthropy and the Economy (Grantmakers Forum of New York, November 2008)

2009 Grantmaking Outlook for Ohio (Ohio Grantmakers Forum, 2009)

2009 Outlook Report (Minnesota Council on Foundations, 2008)

The Economic Crisis’ Impact on Michigan Foundations: Survey Results (Council of Michigan Foundations, n.d.)

Your Foundation and the Economy: A Townhall Presentation (Southeastern Council of Foundations, November 13, 2008)

2009 Philanthropic Outlook Study (Delaware Valley Grantmakers, February 2009)

New Jersey Non-Profits 2009: Trends and Outlook (Center for Nonprofits, March 2009)


Greater Twin Cities United Way Agency Survey (Greater Twin Cities United Way, January 2009)

Agency Survey, January 2009 (Mile High United Way, January 2009)

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta Needs Survey (United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, n.d.)

NOT-FOR-PROFIT ECONOMIC CLIMATE SURVEY (United Way of Greater Rochester, January 2009)

Weathering the Storm: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Colorado’s Nonprofits During Recession (Colorado Nonprofit Association and Community Resource Center, March 2, 2009)

Nonprofit Current Conditions Report: Analysis of a Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Member Survey (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, December 2008)

Financial Crisis Impacts: Nonprofits in Michigan (Michigan Nonprofit Association and Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University, January 2009)

Nonprofit Current Conditions Report (Idaho Nonprofit Center, February 2009)

Bay Area Nonprofits Pinched by Slumping Economy, According to United Way Survey (United Way of the Bay Area, November 13, 2008)

Summary of Results of 2008 Non-profit Pulse Survey (United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, October 2008)

Survey of Thurston County Nonprofit Organizations (United Way of Thurston County and Evergreen State College, October 2008)